Saturday, November 17, 2012

Open approach towards IAS Preparations

In absence of any clarity about the proposed changes at Main Examination level, the best strategy is to concentrate on your study-plan and continue preparation till UPSC does not speak about the kind of changes coming in and when these are going to be implemented.

Success in Civil Service Examination involves serious planning and long-term approach to prepare effectively.

For serious candidates with competitive spirit flowing in veins, the need of the hour is to broaden the horizons and expend the realm of knowledge, see all possibilities instead of narrowing down vision to what is perceived suitable to you.

Changes at Main Examination level will come or not, UPSC prefers to remove optional subjects or not, these are future possibilities; but, the recent trends confirm as such you have to make your preparation more efficient and innovative for the future.

Looking at the facet of examination and tough competition, at times preparation is associated with taking risks and accepting failure as part of the learning process. Those who postponed the preparations for CSE 2013 till some clarity emerge; they probably don’t understand what they are missing.

Although the importance of the time and attention differs accorded to candidate’s abilities and exam-related requirements; still, those who think they have enough time to prepare, they are under illusion.

A look at syllabus, past years’ papers and a discussion with other candidates who have appeared earlier, would be enough realize that you have a task in hand which requires you to manage time with proper planning.{Courtesy; iaspassion}

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