Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Write a Good Answer in CSE

The only medium in the main examination between you and the examiner is your answer. So it is very crucial to think as how to impress the examiner with your answer, for this you must have good command over these following points.
  1. Hand writing
  2. Writing style
  3. Logical presentation
  4. The relevance to the question
You have to be careful about these things before starting your answer.
Secondly to the achieve the accuracy you must practice to writing answer within the time limit, and you must check that how much you can remember and reproduce within the time limit. So just practice and practice. Here your aim should be to put the knowledge effectively.
Thirdly for long answer you must focus on good introductions & conclusions, and your presentation must be logical, your analysis should be done on the basis of correct facts & figures.
Fourthly for option based question your opinion & suggestion can be judged on the basis of administrative viability & administrative feasibility behind it. Just do not dump the unwanted information in the exam, but you must present the necessary information in a logical & attractive manner.
Use diagrams, draw figures where ever you can & highlighted these with the use of colour pen.
Lastly your answer should be relevant to what is being asked. Otherwise you are westing your time & energy.

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